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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 04:34

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To make full personality citizen
to face the global challenges
with Islamic guidance


To implement the activities of

learning and teaching process

with knowledge, skill and attitude

to keep pace with international

trend and maintaining

the natural integrity and

unity with Islamic guidance.

Principal News


We Believe That School Functioned as Important agent for social changes, Sammanthurai Muslim M.M.Vid National School entered in the way of changes, keep place with global changes, to mould the future citizen To face the challenges under the Islamic Guidance it is our social needs

Taking in to the consideration of aspiration of society we have taken Steps to develop our English medium education, Islamic studies and advance Level student’s skill development with the help of our society.

We are very happy that our journey to develop and mould the future students under the Islamic guidance will full fill our task as model Muslim school for Muslim school of Srilanka


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